Practice Info

Welcome to the medical PracticeClinic of Dr. Gerhard Onnebrink

In his ear, nose and throat PracticeClinic Dr. Onnebrink will take the time for a comprehensive medical attendance for you and your health.
Next to the classic treatment of ear, nose and throat troubles, he also gained reputation in aesthetic surgery.
Moreover, Dr.Onnebrink’s sleep and snoring research has gained supra-regional importance.
Within the medical practice, there are own operating rooms. If larger operations are necessary, operating opportunities and beds will be at his disposal as office-based specialist with special admitting rights in the Marienkrankenhaus.

Services at a glance

In Case of troubles above the upper part of the body, you can consult the ENT-Centre at MedicalCenter.
The ear, nose and throat specialist offers a wide range of services which lessens and remove the aches and pains of his patients. In doing so, the physician falls back on the support of his partners. They range from an acoustic specialist or acupuncturist to a speech therapist.

For the Patients, the concept of short ways means to get quick professional help without major waiting times in the ENT-Centre at MedicalCenter.

The services offered by Dr. Onnebrink are very comprehensive and can be categorized in three main fields: The classical ear, nose and throat medicine, sleep and snore treatment as well as aesthetic surgery.
He eminently specialized in the treatment of the following diseases:

  •     Treatment of snoring
  •     Aesthetic surgery
  •     Downsizing of children’s tonsils
DrOnnebrink5 Dr. Gerhard Onnebrink, the former leading assistant medical director of the ENT-Hospital Dortmund [more]
The practice – the team Dr. Onnebrink with his five members of staff takes [more]


Fortbildung The knowledge and abilities
The knowledge and abilities of Dr. Onnebrink are regularly shown in the media. Additionally [more]

The concept of the medical practice
The medical PracticeClinic coorporates with the Centre for Speech Therapy/Ruhr as well as with dentists from Schwerte, Dortmund and Iserlohn.
Regarding all troubles above the upper part of the body:
In the ENT-Centre MedicalCenter, the patients are guaranteed to obtain flawless concepts of medical treatment with short ways. And all right in the heart of the city of Schwerte.
In case of operations which bring the necessity of a sheltering in the nearby Marienkrankenhaus, beds and benefits of a high-level hospital are at Dr.Onnebrink’s disposal as office-based specialist with special admitting rights.